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BULk SALT Mixing and Treatment Services

Skyline Salt Solutions offers the ability to treat your existing bulk salt piles! Our proprietary Mix-Masters are patented mobile mixing machines. We can bring them directly to you, and mix bulk salt on demand. We can enhance your regular bulk salt and turn it into a performance based magnesium chloride or calcium chloride treated salt product. We can also add organic-based corrosion inhibitors and eco-friendly dye (blue, green, brown, etc.), giving you an environmentally-friendly custom-treated salt product that will outperform your competition’s best salt. Our Mix-Masters can also handle chips, sand and other additives. 

The Mix-Master liquid application rate can be adjusted to meet your specific needs, and can accommodate for varying material conditions, such as moisture content. No stockpile or salt shed is too large or too small. We can treat anywhere from 50 – 300 tons of bulk salt per hour, per machine. We can also mobilize multiple machines to your pile. 

Whether you have 300 tons or 30,000 tons of bulk salt, let us create your custom-colored and eco-friendly de-icing bulk salt product to outperform your competition.


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Upgrade your bulk salt to a premium product! Our custom-made machines can treat up to 300 tons of bulk salt per hour, saving you time and money through your winter season.

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We travel to you

We make treating your bulk salt easy! We’ll bring our Mix-Master machines to you and help customize your blend, so you get exactly the premium product you need.

Why treat your bulk salt?

The benefits of treated salt

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Melts Snow And Ice At

Colder Temperatures 

Treated salt excels where untreated bulk salt hits it limits by melting snow and ice at temps below -5º Fahrenheit (-21º Celsius).


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Treated salt can be made with an organic corrosion inhibitor from processing corn. Our dyes are water soluble and safe for the environment while providing easy-to-see coverage on ice and packed snow.

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Cost effective using less product


Treated salt has a tacky surface, allowing the salt to stay in place on the pavement, hence you spread less salt for surface coverage. Plus, it's more effective at melting snow and ice, using less product to get the job done.



We custom treat and thoroughly blend your salt on-site using our proprietary

Mix-Masters™, resulting in salt crystals that are uniformly encapsulated. 

The result is a fast-acting, long-lasting product that melts to a lower temperature than untreated bulk rock salt. Contact us to learn more!

Salt Treatment
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