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Trust Skyline with your snow removal needs! You will rest easy knowing our capable team is managing your snow and ice removal needs. With Skyline you'll be confident knowing the snow and ice will be removed from your property in a timely manner, making a good impression on your customers, clients, and staff. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe environment for all of our clients!

offering a range of products

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When you don’t have facilities or equipment to utilize bulk salt, bag products are the right solution for you. Skyline carries bag products for all your sidewalk needs to keep them clean and safe for employees and customers.

Products Available:

50 lb. Bags of Rock Salt

50 lb. Bags of Skyline Pink Treated Salt

50 lb. Bags of Magic Salt by ProMelt Treated Salt

All of our products are best when used with liquid de-icer. Getting rid of the snow is important but you need to remember to take care of the ice. You don't want to put yourself or others in danger with an icy patch that comes out of nowhere.

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