Salt and Brine Sales

Skyline offers two varieties of bulk salt.  The first is regular rock salt.  It can be applied to streets, parking lots and sidewalks.  The second type of sale we provide is rock salt enhanced with Ice B' Gone Magic, which can be used on the same areas.  We treat the salt on site by coating the rock salt with the liquid Ice B' Gone Magic with our Sky-Link Mix-Master.  This machine was designed and patent pending by our owner, Mark Arthofer, with the intention of making the salt treating process safer, easier, consistent, and more efficient.  The Sky-Link Mix-Master has streamlined the salt treating process.  Once enhanced, this powerful ice destroyer will not only melt faster, but it will also work at lower temperatures than regular rock salt.  In fact, it will keep your streets, parking lots and roadways ice and snow free down to -25 degrees.

Sky-Link Mix-Master

  BRINE Skyline also offers bulk brine sales and application.  You can purchase regular salt brine, or the brine enhanced with the same liquid Ice B' Gone Magic we use to treat rock salt.  More information on brine can be found on our Hot Mix Brine page.
ICE B' GONE MAGIC Ice B' Gone Magic can also be picked up at our shop, delivered in totes, or even hauled to you be the semi load! 2017-08-29 17.09.55  2017-08-29 17.10.41
BAG SALT Bagged salt is readily available by the bag, pallet, or even trailer load!  We offer three different varieties, Green Melt, Rock Salt, and Ice B' Gone Magic.  For more information on bagged salt, visit the Bag Salt page.   How you can get it: Both salts can be obtained in one of two ways.  You can either pick up the salt yourself at our shop, or have us deliver the product to you.  To schedule a pick up or delivery time, or to get more information on both products, give us a call!