Ice B Gone Magic

Along with removing snow, Skyline also offers a product to make your sidewalks and roadways cleaner and safer a lot faster. This product is a high performance ice melt knows as Ice B’ Gone Magic. Ice B’ Gone Magic is a 50-50 mixture of magnesium chloride and distilled condensed solids from vodka and rum, and can be mixed with traditional rock salt to create a remarkable deicer. In addition to working faster, Ice B’ Gone Magic provides these additional advantages:

*Works to –35° F

* Use 35% to 50% less salt

* Eliminates black ice

* Eliminates hard pack

* 90% less corrosive than salt

* Safer for all surfaces – even quality concrete surfaces

* No messy white residue

* Reduces custodial care

* 100% biodegradable

* Friendlier to landscape

* Extends life of equipment

* Pet friendly

*Won’t clump or freeze

*No shelf life

How it works: Ice B’ Gone Magic is a highly effective liquid de-icing agent designed to create a barrier between the concrete surface and the snow/ice and prevents them from bonding. Because of this, even if sidewalks or roadways are snow covered, pedestrians and vehicles are able to still have traction. How can I get It? Ice B’ Gone Magic is readily available to use in bags, bulk, and liquid. Bags consist of rock salt coated in Ice B’ Gone Magic.  Bags are readily available in 20 or 50 pound bags to make smaller areas a breeze to manage.  They can be sold by the individual bag, or even by the pallet so you can be sure your walkways  and other areas are completely ice free all winter long. When bought in liquid from, Ice B’ Gone Magic can be used serval ways. For example, it could be used to coat and treat existing piles of rock salt, added to brine for enhancement, or even directly applied to pavement. By using Ice B’ Gone magic, you can reduce overall costs of snow maintenance, cause less damage to landscapes and equipment, eliminate black ice and hard packs, and above all, make roadways and sidewalks safe before, during, and even after a snow event. For more information, visit , or contact us here at Skyline!